ROCKBROS Bicycle Lock Bike Smart Bluetooth Fingerprint Folding Locks MTB Waterproof Anti-Thief Manganese Steel Locks For Cycling

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Product Details:

Brand Name:Rockbros

Product Name:Smart Fingerprint Folding Lock

Material: 65 Manganese Steel, ABS Package

Weight: about 1475g(without lock sleeve)

Lock Sleeve Material: PP+Silicone Belt

Bettery: Standby for 2~3 months when fully charged

Lock Head Material: Internal full metal wrapping,inner layer zinc alloy,middle layer iron, outer ABS wrapping outer spray rubber paint material

Unlocking Method: 1.fingerprint unlocking(main) 2. APP Bluetooth unlocking 3. Key unlocking

Product Features:

1.Three ways to unlock,intelligent design,fingerprint unlocking,app bluetooth unlocking, key unlocking;there is always a way for you.

2. Strong anti-thief lock body, 65 manganese steel+ABS protective case,double-layer protection effectively prevents various damages.

3.App remote authorization,one-key unlock,authorized use can be shared with family members.avoiding potiential risks casued for key losing.

4.Extended lock body to lock up more, 8-section lengthened lock body,available in multiple scenarios,can lock multiple bikes.

5.Rubber paint lock,comfortable and does not hurt your bikes.

6.Side charging,long standby time,type-c interface fast charging,fully charged about 2-3hours.

7.Rivet link, high toughness and convenient expansion and contraction.

8.Waterproof,daily rain protection,easily resist light rain and splashing water(do not rain or soak in water for a long time).



bike lock

Smart Control

Fingerprint Recognize

Keys Entry

Smart Control

The smart chain lock featured APP remote unlock technology.Also you may share the lock code to your trust friends through APP. Don't need to carry the keys.

Fingerprint Recognize

ROCKBROS Smart bike lock with sensitive fingerprint id recognition system.One light touch,unlock right away

Keys Entry

Come with 2 back up keys,the bicycle chain lock providing 3 ways to unlock

Heavy Duty Anti-Theft


Come with Bracket

Heavy Duty Anti-Theft

The keyless bike lock is made of high strength 65 manganese steel+ABS protective layer,double protection for effectively resist any violent damage


The smart keyless lock is water-resistant.It is able providing daily protection agains light rain.Do not soak in water for a long time

Come with Bracket

The package included the install bracket,and bolts.You could carry the lock on your bike easily.

folding bike lock