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Handlebar Bag-AS-051

Mounted to the handlebars for quick access to items

Frame Bag-017-1BK

Fits within the bike frame for storing small essentials

Triangle Bag-‎AS-043

Positioned within the frame triangle for easy access

Seat Packs-‎AS-012

Attach beneath the saddle for carrying larger items


Attaches to racks for significant storage capacity

High-quality and affordable cycling gear.


From bicycle gear to accessories, ROCKBROS offers a broad product range catering to the needs of both amateurs and professionals alike


Reduce carbon footprint and protect the environment

Effortless Inflation Anywhere

Effortlessly inflate your tires with the ROCKBROS Mini Electric Bike Pump. Its strong motor delivers high-pressure air for quick and efficient inflation

Compact & Portable Design

Compact and lightweight, this pump fits in your pocket or bike bag for on-the-go convenience. Its durable aluminum alloy construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Versatile & Reliable Performance

With a rechargeable battery and compatibility with Presta and Schrader valves, this pump offers reliable performance wherever your ride takes you.


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