ROCKBROS Suction Cup Bike Rack for Car Roof

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Title: XP1001BK


Rockbros-Car Roof Aluminium Alloy Suction Cup Bike Carrier for 1 Bike

Rockbros suction cup bike carrier is the most versatile solution to carry your bikes with your cars. It is hassle free to be installed on your car roof in less than 5min. Absolutely It is suitable for quick release front fork and also axle through fork with right size adaptors. Please refer to the adaptors size below.

If your fork is axle through, you need to buy the right size adapters for mounting on the bike rack. We have five specified size adapters:Axle Diameter/Fork Width.

Please feel free to contact us if you have trouble to choose the adapter size.

  1. 9mm / 100,ASIN:B07QRRXKPS 
  2. 12mm/ 100,ASIN:B07QLLRX4M 
  3. 15mm/ 100,ASIN:B07D4G8QLG 
  4. 20mm/ 110,ASIN:B079DPTMPG 
  5. 15mm/110,ASIN:B079DNV8QV


  • UNIVERSAL RACK : This suction cup bike rack can be used with many vehicles like sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, SUV, vans, and more.
  • STURDY&SECURE: The aluminium alloy body is sturdy enough to hold your bike(less than 20kg). Rubber sucker protect your car paint from scratches. 
  • EASY TO USE : The suction cup system is easily to be installed, quick release clamp for the front fork installing. 
  • COMPATIBILITY : Fit for mountain bikes, road bikes, trail bike with tyre size up to 29''

Product Specification:

Material Aluminium Alloy+Rubber
Net Weight
about 2kg
Maximum Load



1. Kindly advise the speed to be less than 120 km/h ;
2. Please check the cylinder rod white line before using;
3. Check the vacuum indicate white line every 3 hours;
5. The maintenance lube is not included in the package.


Installations(refer to the video):
Step 1: Clean up the car roof and sucker to ensure no water, sand and dust.
Step 2: Locate the front suction rack at the the proper roof position
Step 3: Press the each front suction nod till you can't see the white line ( usually 30-45 seconds )
Step 4: Fit in the front fork into the rack mount with quick release rod or front axle with the adaptors
Step 5: Locate the rear wheel position and fit in the rear wheel bowl.
Step 6: Fix the crank with the velcro strap 

Package include :
1*Aluminium Alloy Bike Rack ,
1*Rear Wheel Sucker ,
1*Velcro Strap

Additional Info:

- This product is not suitable for glass surfaces.