ROCKBROS High quality Bicycle Phone holder Metal Universal Shock Absorption Anti-Fall Mobile phone Mount for Motorcycle Bike accessories

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Style: Vertical style

SKU: 25210011001
  • Brand: ROCKBROS
  • Name: shock-absorbing mobile phone holder
  • Item number: 25210011(07), 25110012(09)
  • Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, high tenacity nylon, PVE soft rubber
  • Weight: 469g(07U/09U), 409g(07Y/09Y), 419g(07M10/09M10)
  • Specifications: U-shaped handlebar, Y-shaped rearview mirror, M10 ball head
  • Applicable mobile phone: 07 (4.7-7.1") 09 (4.9-7.3")
  • Models used: Motorcycles, Scooter


  1. Thickened non-slip adhesive, 8-point surround fixation, excellent stability.
  2. 360° adjustment of the universal rotating ball, free control of the angle.
  3. Shock-absorbing panel, cushioning bumps and shocks.
  4. Compatible with the bracket, both rigid and tough, firmly locked.
  5. Applicable to most mobile phones, large-screen mobile phones can also be installed.
  6. Excellent design to solve all kinds of troubles in riding.