ROCKBROS Cycling Photochromic Glasses Electronic Color Changing SunGlasses Clear

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Product details:


Product name:lntelligent liquid crystal discoloration glasses

Model: 14210005001

Material:TR frame+TAC polarizing lens+Electronic discoloration

weight:About 34g(net weight)

Size: 165*62*145mm

Color:Black and red

Assurance: 3 Months

Product feature:

1.Instantly change color in seconds. Intelligent instant discoloration,faster discoloration.

2.Intelligent photosensitive chip with liquid crystal lens. Solar photosensitive technology without bettery and switch with liquid crystal lens really realize the change of color with the change of light.

3.Rest assured to travel day and night A pair of dual uess. Strong ultraviolet in sunny days, darker lenses,clear vision ans safe driving at night or dark places, the lenes become lighter and anti-glare dimming high light.

4.Upgrade high definition polarized lenes filter ultraviolet rays and dazzle. Polarizing lenes can filter reflected light or glare from road surface,water surface,snkw,glassetc. Make sure you have a clear view.

5.The color of the lens can change with the environment. It can be woen comfortably on both sunny and rainy days. Improve the visual effect,not easy to produce visual fatigue.

6.Suitable for all kinds of scenarios. Cylcing,Running,Fishing,Driving and Hikeing.Rapid application of a variety of environments to deal with the refraction of sunlight.

7.TR ductile lens frame. The arc of the mirror leg can be adjusted at will. Comfortable clamping force can effectively reduce head pressure.The radian can be adjusted freely according to the shape of the face,and it is comfortable to wear.

8.Rubber soft nose holder is comfortable and does not press the nose. Soft rubber nose bracket relieves nasal pressure. Multi-channel guide Han through design to prevent sweat indwelling.

9.Wear it light and pressure-free for a long time. Thw weight is only 34grams.Reduce the pressure on the ear and wear without burden.