ROCKBROS-Cycling Face Mask Filter PM2.5 Anit-fog Breathable Dust-proof Mask Anti-droplet- Buy 5 get 50% OFF

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Title: One Facemask

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Name: activated carbon protective mask

Material: mesh / diving fabric

Description: The mask can be used for more than 2 years, and the filter is recommended to be replaced every 30 days. The frequent or heavy haze area is subject to the situation (the filter will be black or damaged, please replace it in time, recommended once every 2-4 days)

About smell: The material of the mask is made of diving cloth. A slight taste is normal. You can take out the filter first and soak it in warm water for 15 minutes. The taste will slowly disappear. The principle of activated carbon the filter cannot be washed.


High protection mask

Let them face complex environments

Defend your Every breath
Effective filter fine particles and droplets from the air

Bilateral two-way
Condensation Breath valve
Condensation flowed close during inspiration. The condensed sheet opens during exhalation. Reduce moisture condensation and improve comfort.


Built-in filter -1245 layers of protection
Each layer captures different harmful substances

Masks can be combined with goggles for protection upgrade
(Glasses are for display only and must be purchased separately)
Want glasses, please click on the picture below to buy

Hanging Ear Design
High-elastic straps and ear cord better fit the face

Fit the face
Good air density
Not easy to fog in winter

High elastic fabric, not easily deformed
Good rebound performance and strong traction properties