ROCKBROS Smart Tail Light

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About this product:

ROCKBROS Smart Tail Light is just what you need to add a layer of security to your rides, especially at night time. It is equipped with a brake sensor and will switch on and off automatically when in intelligent mode. At its most powerful setting, the red LED delivers a good punch of brightness and casts a wide angle of light, signalling your presence to those behind you. It is compact in size and incredibly light in weight.

Key Features:

  • A bright and wide-angle beam for optimum brightness
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Rechargeable
  • Compact and very light in weight for easy portability 
  • Intelligent mode for automatic operation 
  • 7 modes of lighting to suit different road conditions
  • Quick and easy installation

Powerful in Performance 

The 100-lumen bright red LED light covers a wide angle of 180° to ensure a safe and secure riding experience. There are 5 lighting modes: high light, medium light, low light, breathing light, and flashing light. In addition, the slow flash modes indicate the battery level.

Intelligent Functionality

This tail light has a brake sensor and will light up in its brightest mode to alert the pedestrians and drivers behind you. It also has a light sensor to adjust to ambient lighting and switch on/off automatically. 

Compact Design and Easy Installation

Weighing around 50g, this ultra-light tail light adds no bulk to your rides at all. It is also small in size, making it easily portable. This tail light can easily be installed on the seat post or saddle rail.

Durable and Waterproof

Constructed using high-quality ABS, this is a sturdy bike accessory that can withstand wear and tear easily. It's also an ideal choice for rides in wet and rainy conditions.

ROCKBROS Smart Tail Light Specifications:


Product type: Smart tail light 

Model number: 24520500001

Material: ABS plastic shell

Colour: Black

Lumens: 100LM 

Light range: 180°

Weight: 50g

Battery model: 500mAh Li-ion battery

Waterproof: Yes

Warranty: 1 year