Rockbros Bike Lock Chain With Stable Anti-theft Keys Cycling Road Climbing Lock

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Product name: Chain lock with key

Material: Eco-friendly zinc alloy / ABS engineering plastic

Weight: About 214g (product)

Applications: Bicycle, electric car, motorcycle, glass sliding door, etc.

Length: 97cm (plus lock head)

Product characteristics:

1. Integrated waterproof lid, dust-free unlock. Prevent rainwater and sand from entering the lock core, reduce the likelihood of corrosion, and longer service life.

2. The chain is cast thick, about 8mm.

3. Nylon fabric lid, wear-resistant and non-slip.

4. Eight fully copper blades, with a low general opening rate.

5. Can be locked without using the key.

6. Handling my heat, hardening and thickening the chain.

7. Solid groove, anti-theft key.