ROCKBROS Bike Double Lock Rubber Grips Bicycle Handlebar Grips Anti-skid 2.22cm

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Color: Black

Product Details:

Name:40720001:Shock-absorbing style 40720002: common style
40720001:Leather + Liquid silicone +Aluminum Alloy
40720002:Microfiber suede + TPR rubber + aluminum alloy
Take the path: The diameter of both ends of the handle is about 2.22cm
40720001:Four colors optional
40720001:212g (Two)
40720002: 162g (Two)
Advantage:Fits the palm of the hand, effectively relieves localpressure, and makes the grip more comfortable


1.Aluminum alloy two-way locking ring
2.Liquid Silicone Palm Rest
3.Silicone Shock Absorption Comfortable Grip
4.Soft Leather For Comfortable Grip
5.2.22cm Standard Diameter

Comfortable Non-Slip Meat Ball Grips

Bilateral locking / ergonomic / comfortable feel / shock absorption

Product Information

Bilateral Lock

Aluminum alloy two-way locking ring, more stable

Liquid Silicone Palm Rest

Liquid silicone non-slip shock absorption, effectively relieve the uncomfortable feeling of palm numbness caused by long-term cycling

Silicone Shock Absorption Comfortable Grip

Ergonomic, comfortable feel, cushioning and shock absorption

Soft Leather For Comfortable Grip

Outer leather wrap,feel more comfortable

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and easier cycling

Multi-Color Optional Have You Like

Multi-color optional, you can also choose the color according to the color of your car. Cycling on the road is also a beautiful scenery

2.22cm Standard Diameter

Suitable for standard universal bicycle handlebars with a diameter of 2.22cm, strong versatility and suitable for most handlebars

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