ROCKBROS Bicycle Cable Lock 1.5M Portable Bike Lock Combination Helmet Lock

Sale price$12.99

Product Details:

Product name: 907 Helmet Lock
Material: PVC steel cable, ABS code wheel, Cable tie Sponge sticker
Article Number:32020002001
Size: 7.3*3.7cm (steel cable can be stretched to 1.5m)
Weight: =75g (including packaging)
Color: black
Be applicable: Helmets, road bikes, bags, etc.
Warranty: 3 months

Product Features:

Multifunction Combination : Quick and easy unlocking without key and password.

Smaller and more portable: Portable size does not take up space, travel more options.
ABS cipher wheel secondary injection molding: is not easy to drop words various combinations of 3-digit passwords are easy and fast to use.

PVC steel cable Stretch:  It can be stretched up to 1.5 meters and can lock two bikes at the same time Or lock things like a car and a helmet at the same time.

Adjustable cable ties: Easy to use. Outer nylon wrap protects lock body and car from scratches. Length can be adjusted by yourself.

Waterproof and rustproof: Longer life. The thickened PVC package of the steel. Cable is not easy to rust. Can be used more.