ROCKBROS Cycling Gloves for Men Women Full Finger with Gel Padded Shock Absorbing, Touch Screen Anti Slip

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ROCKBROS Men Women Breathable Gel+BRS Padding Summer Half Finger Cycling Gloves
Why bike gloves are important for riding?
1.Protection: When you crash, it is your reflex reaction to stick your hands out to break the fall. Biking gloves
can as a useful first layer of defense to prevent painful cuts & grazes.
2.Firm Grip: Cycling Gloves help to soak up the sweat, keeping your hands dry and allow you to maintain a safe grip on
the handlebars.
3.Injury Prevention: Cyclists are prone to suffer from handlebar palsy. ROCKBROS gloves are equiped with padding on palm,
absorbs most of the impact, reduce hand numbness & nerve damage.

Touch screen
The Unique and Practical Touchscreen Fingers Capability design,you can Touch Screen with Fingers for convenient
use of mobile devices without moving gloves
Extend and Widened Velcro
Extend and Widened velcro (printed with 3D embossed LOGO) strap design,make gloves fit your hands better
Dual Shock Absorption
Our Cycling gloves with GEL liquid silicone+thick SBR palm padding plam,make it double shock absorption and
Anti-slip Gluing Process
Thick gluing process design to prevent falls and protect the main joints of the hands

About this item

  • Pretty Comfortable & Fit:This ROCKBROS Cycling Gloves are a light breathable fabric with anti-slip suede on the palms, and widened velcro, special elastic fabric patch at the wrist parts.You can adjust the tightness freely until a comfortable fit, perfect protection of your hands
  • Specialized 9-pieces Shock Pads:Our Biking gloves come equipped with 3 pieces LIQUID GEL and 6 pieces SBR padding, well placed Pads covers all palm pressure points. It would give you enough support, reduce hand numbness / nerve damage, also protects your hands from calluses while biking or workout
  • TOUCH SENSITIVE: Have you experienced the trouble of having to take off your gloves every time you answer the phone? The Unique and Practical Touchscreen Fingers Capability design, you can Touch Screen with Fingers for convenient use of mobile devices without moving gloves
  • Scratch Proof Design: Are you still worry about back of your hands bruise while biking? The 3D embossed rubber pattern on the back of this mountain bike gloves protects your hands from getting scratched by tree branches or rocks during road biking
  • Recommend for Multiple Activities: Please take our bike gloves and enjoy your happy days,you can do a lot of exercise you like with our bike gloves, such as road biking, Commuter riding, crossfit workouts, gym exercises, kayaking, inline skating, kickboxing and some sports that need to use or protect hands