【ROAD TO SKY】by ROCKBROS Multi-Use Bike Tool Keyring

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When you need to tighten your bike hex-fittings quickly, our ROAD TO SKY by ROCKBROS Multi-Use Bike Tool Keyring  is ideal. It includes three hex keys, a torx, a flat-head, and a crosshead. It is perfect for quick adjustments, tightening, or repairs on handlebars, seats, or other bike components. Compact and secure on your keyring, it's an ideal companion for your weekend ride.

Key Features:

  • Handy multi-use tool set with three hex keys (3/4/5mm), a torx (star-shaped), flat head and cross head.
  • Made from a rugged aluminium alloy
  • On a handy keyring to keep it close
  • Stylish antique colour finish

Multi-Tool USes

Our 6-piece versatile tool set includes three hex keys of different sizes, a torx head, flat head, and crosshead, catering to adjustments across various parts of your road, mountain,  and any other bike, including the seat and handlebars. You can conveniently tighten and loosen bike components with minimum effort as needed.

Small and Portable

This ROAD TO SKY by ROCKBROS Keyring Multi-Use Bike Tool Keyring is compact and portable. Ideal for storing in your pockets, frame bags, or just hanging them off your keys.

ROAD TO SKY by ROCKBROS Multi-Use Bike Tool Keyring Specifications:

  • Type: 6-piece multi-tool on a keyring
  • Model: VK-ARCO3
  • Function: 3x different-sized hex keys, a torx (star-shaped), flat head and cross head
  • Material: Aluminum alloy and stainless steel
  • Weight: 45g