ROCKBROS Pro Bicycle Rear Rack Bag with Extra Pockets

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Our ROCKBROS Pro Bicycle Rear Rack Bag is created for all your cycling storage needs, whether on the open road, navigating the outback, or simply on your daily commute to work. Its large storage capacity lets you bring everything you need along your journey without compromising.

Key Features:

  • Pro bike rear rack bag for carrying all your valuables
  • Quickly mount it to your bike rack with two simple straps
  • Waterproof rain cover for complete protection in wet weather
  • The inner padding effectively absorbs shocks during rides
  • A strap on the back allows a clip-on tail light to be fitted easily
  • Secure rear water bottle holder
  • The top drawstring strap enables you to carry extra gear
  • Extendable side pockets for extra room
  • Top Opening for Easy Access to your gear

Pro Quality Rear Rack Bag

The ROCKBROS Pro Bicycle Rear Rack Bag features ample space for carrying all your biking essentials and valuables on the road. Its generous capacity design and customizable inserts allow you to take everything necessary for your cycling adventure. Its top-opening design ensures easy access to your gear, while the expandable side pockets provide additional storage options. Furthermore, this rear bike bag includes a dedicated rear water bottle holder, allowing you to stow your bike's bottle or an extra one for those endurance rides.

Additionally, the bag's rear section features a strap for a hassle-free attachment of your taillight, making essential nighttime safety a breeze.

Durable and Tough

Thanks to a combination of Nylon and Polyester, the ROCKBROS Pro Bicycle Rear Rack Bag is tough and rugged. The ideal companion when you're riding off the beaten track.

Extendable Side Pockets

If you've got a little more gear that fits in this bag, don't worry. The side pockets can extend so that you can take everything you need on your weekend adventure.

Waterproof Raincover Included

The ROCKBROS Pro Bicycle Rear Rack Bag has a separate rain cover to keep all your valuables dry during those rainy and snowy days.

Twin Strap Security

The ROCKBROS rear bike bag effortlessly attaches to your rear rack mount using two secure straps. These straps quickly and securely fasten to most rack mounts, ensuring that the bag remains firmly in place, regardless of the terrain or riding style—whether you're navigating rugged trails, cruising on the road, pedalling an electric hybrid, or simply using your bike for daily commuting.

Shoulder Bag Capability

Once you've arrived at your destination, simply unstrap your ROCKBROS Pro Bicycle Rear Rack Bag, and it becomes a shoulder bag so you can take all your valuables with you. Whether that's in your home, office, or cafe for a pitstop.

ROCKBROS Pro Bicycle Rear Rack Bag Specifications:

  • Brand: ROCKBROS
  • Model: A9-BK
  • Type: Pro bicycle Bike Rack with extendable pockets
  • Colour: Black
  • Waterproof: Yes (Rain cover)
  • Material: Nylon and Polyester
  • Weight: 570 g
  • Size Closed (H x W x D): 180 x 140 x 420 mm